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Step Ahead caters to children ages 6 weeks through 13 years.  Our various programs focus on development and interaction while learning through play and hands on experiences.











Our infants are all cared for by our top notch teachers who interact with them in many ways throughout the day.  Infants are all on their own schedule for eating and napping.  Our teachers interact with them one on one while they are doing diaper changes, feedings, playing or rocking to sleep.  Infants are read stories, do tummy time and are sung to daily. 





Our toddlers and twos are very busy!  They are focusing on social interactions, intellectual growth and cognitive development.  This group is learning at such a fast pace.  Developmental milestones are tracked and activities are planned based on what skills still need to be mastered.




Pre-school children are learning through play as they develop skills to get them ready for 4 or 5 year old kindergarten.  Colors, shapes and counting are all reviewed and learned in

English and Spanish.  Tracing and copying letters not only work on letter recognition but the fine motor skills needed to learn to write.  Self awareness and empathy are built into the curriculum as they become responsible for each other as well as themselves.




We have partnered with local school districts to offer 4K on site at Step Ahead.  We offer wrap around care before and after 4K as well.  Please contact the appropriate site (Howard or East DePere) to discuss times and schedules based on each specific school district.  Our 4K graduates enter 5K with all the skills needed to succeed in school and soar academically.


Before and After School Care

Our School Age program offers care before and after school as well as during days off and summer. 


During the school year the following is offered:

+ Breakfast

+ After School Snack
+ Homework Time / Relaxing Time
+ Outside Play

+ Games, Reading, Building and Table Activities


During Days off and summer the following is offered:

+ Science and Technology
+ Field Trips
+ Outdoor Fun
+ Games and Contests
+ Community Gardening
+ Arts and Crafts

Give us a call:



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