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Our policy

Our door is always open!  We encourage parents to call or stop in the office at any time to get information, take a tour of the center or voice any questions you may have.  Step Ahead is a very family oriented childcare and we encourage interaction between our parents and staff daily. 


Some ways parents can be involved may include:

  • chaperoning field trips

  • reading to the class

  • volunteering in class for various activities

  • take home volunteer experiences

  • family art projects

  • caring for a classroom pet on the weekend

  • attending classroom parties/concerts

These are just some examples and many others may arise throughout the year.  None are required.

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About our Payment Schedule

All payments are due on Friday for the following week of care.  Payments may be made biweekly or monthly as long as they are made prior to care being received.


A sibling discount is given when 2 or more siblings attend at the same time.


Tuition Express is available as an automatic withdrawl from a bank account which is done weekly (every Friday) to pay for the following week.  


Tuition is enrollment based and is due whether your child attends or not.  Vacation vouchers are available according to the financial poilcy to use when your child does not attend.




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